About Us

The Institute for Labour Rights aims to promote awareness on fundamental labour rights, as guaranteed under the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 and various international human rights treaties that the state has signed or ratified over the years. The symbol of the Institute is a compass as it helps guide all the stakeholders, i.e., workers especially youth, employers, government and international organizations, in understanding the local labour market in legal and statistical contexts. The Institute engages in research on contemporary labour issues and generates innovative ideas to deal with the labour rights malaise.

Our Vision is for a society where all types of labour is equitably rewarded and where people are aware of their employment rights. 

Our Mission is to produce objective research that can help reform the employment legislation regime in the country. While pursuing these reforms, we strive to provide information to the masses and raise their awareness about workplace rights. 

Nearly two-third of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30 years. The informed youth has a greater prospect of being linked with labour activism and help raise the trade union density from abysmal level of 2-3% of employed labour force. This linkage can be developed through provision of unambiguous labour rights information online. Young people are crucial for activism on workplace rights. 

Our Team